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  • Online game world admin & play engine  v.0.1.5A web based environment for creating/managing and playing web based, non turn based roleplay style games, for multiple users. Designed to allow multiple worlds and enviroments managed by one installation on web ...
  • Riffmaster Pro  v.3.0.5RiffmasterPro slow down music software musicians, keeps pitch, learn song easily They Call it The Software revolution that's rocking the Guitar Playing world Instantly Play Any riff of Any Guitar Hero or Monster Player. Riffmasterpro music software.
  • Riffmaster Pro for MAC  v.3.0RiffmasterPro slow down music software musicians, keeps pitch, learn song easily They Call it The Software revolution that's rocking the Guitar Playing world...Instantly Play Any riff of Any Guitar Hero or Monster Player... Imagine this.. You have ...
  • Guitar Hero Drum Controller for Mac OS  v.1.0A small program to use the drums from Guitar Hero World Tour (Playstation 3) on Mac and play your own music without colored dots. You can create own drumsets by making subfolders in the sets directory. Then just put the wave files for the drums ...
  • Free Solitaire World  v.2.2A new remake of favorite game for a big number of users. A nice appearance with good playability and user friendly interface. Download Free Solitaire World and Play for Free!
  • Free Guitar Lessons  v.1.0Free guitar lessons covering rhythm guitar and lead guitar playing techniques.
  • Guitar Fretboard Notes  v.1.0.0Free ebook for finding guitar notes and fret positions, making guitar music easier to play. Find your way around the guitar neck and fretboard notes, on acoustic and electric guitars. No need for a guitar fret chart. Makes learning guitar frets ...
  • Ultrawave Guitar Racks  v.1.0Turn your computer into a powerful guitar effects processor. If you want to sound like your favourite rock star, or just want to make your guitar playing more exciting then you need effects. Ultrawave GuitarRacks has over 100 effects knobs, which ...
  • Mind's Eye: A NWN2 Campaign World  v.1.0Development of a Neverwinter Nights 2 role playing world called The Mind's Eye using the NWN2 toolset.
  • WowSpeech  v.1.0WowSpeech is a program that allows text to speech for guild and party chat while playing World of Warcraft. You can simply launch this application before or during game play to allow instant text to speech of chats.Some reasons this program could be ...
  • Video Game Launcher and MAME FrontEnd  v.1.0Easily play against friends across the world on MAME games and video games. Invite your friends from AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Google Chat, and Live so that they can instantly play against you. Last, stream your gameplay live across the internet.
  • Alpine Gold Free Casino  v.2.0Play FREE casino games without risking your own money. Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Slots, Pai Gow, Table Games and more! Play available in 14 languages. Chat with other players. The most advanced casino software in the world. Even play as the dealer!
  • Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened  v.1.0Travel the world and play as the worldd-deOaos greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his faithful assistant, Dr.
  • Terraswarm 2.0 Fountain of Death  v.2.1Use four weapons, pulse rifle, scattershot, nuclear grenades, and confusion shots to assimilate the invading forces in the delcerod 4. star system. Build your own custom world to play on, or download new worlds. Game supports up to forty worlds.
  • FreePlaySolitaire  v.1.00Play a number of FREE solitaire games on your Windows based PC. Either play against the clock for points and compete online against some of the best solitaire players in the world, or play one of six non competitive solitaire games for fun.
  • Leap Frog  v.3.11Like Reversi, this Windows game is a one or two player strategy game with 8 levels, each level has a unique playing field. To play the game you simply jump your opponents frogs to turn them into your dragons.
  • Alchemist Wizard  v.1.053d arcade platformer game in fantasy world. You play as a wizard-alchemist and explore large world. Catch various creatures to combine its in cauldron to create powerful spells. Collect enough magical runes to proceed to boss.
  • The Cerberus Incident  v.1.1The Cerberus Incident is a graphical role playing game. You play Felix, who has just joined a mysterious organization operating a research station on a strange island. But, something is about to go terribly wrong. 3D Graphics. REQ DirectX 9.0.
  • Absolute IntelliTetrisThis is interactive screen saver: You may watch intelligent engine playing tetris, or play yourself. This screensaver plays the well known game Tetris: it keeps the glass from filling using a build-in intelligent engine. Its remarkable distinction ...
  • Chinese Chess Giant  v.6.0master level and popular Chinese Chess Game software. Whoever you are, beginner or expert, you will have FUN and EXCITING playing with her. Play against computer or a friend;Automatic playing chess features inside. You may select ...
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