Download Guitar Playing World Instantly Play Freeware

Online game world admin & play engine  v.0.1.5

A web based environment for creating/managing and playing web based, non turn based roleplay style games, for multiple users. Designed to allow multiple worlds and enviroments managed by one installation on web

Guitar Hero Drum Controller for Mac OS  v.1.0

A small program to use the drums from Guitar Hero World Tour (Playstation 3) on Mac and play your own music without colored dots. You can create own drumsets by making subfolders in the sets directory. Then just put the wave files for the drums

Free Solitaire World  v.2.2

A new remake of favorite game for a big number of users. A nice appearance with good playability and user friendly interface. Download Free Solitaire World and Play for Free!

Free Guitar Lessons  v.1.0

Free guitar lessons covering rhythm guitar and lead guitar playing techniques.

Guitar Fretboard Notes  v.1.0.0

Free ebook for finding guitar notes and fret positions, making guitar music easier to play. Find your way around the guitar neck and fretboard notes, on acoustic and electric guitars. No need for a guitar fret chart. Makes learning guitar frets

Mind's Eye: A NWN2 Campaign World  v.1.0

Development of a Neverwinter Nights 2 role playing world called The Mind's Eye using the NWN2 toolset.

Video Game Launcher and MAME FrontEnd  v.1.0

Easily play against friends across the world on MAME games and video games. Invite your friends from AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Google Chat, and Live so that they can instantly play against you. Last, stream your gameplay live across the internet.

Alpine Gold Free Casino  v.2.0

Play FREE casino games without risking your own money. Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Slots, Pai Gow, Table Games and more! Play available in 14 languages. Chat with other players. The most advanced casino software in the world. Even play as the dealer!

FreePlaySolitaire  v.1.00

Play a number of FREE solitaire games on your Windows based PC. Either play against the clock for points and compete online against some of the best solitaire players in the world, or play one of six non competitive solitaire games for fun.

Absolute IntelliTetris

This is interactive screen saver: You may watch intelligent engine playing tetris, or play yourself. This screensaver plays the well known game Tetris: it keeps the glass from filling using a build-in intelligent engine. Its remarkable distinction

Nueroleptic  v.1.0

A mixture of Zelda II with Dungeans and Dragons. Huge world to play.

TheRPG  v.1.0

TheRPG project is a huge text-based role playing world allows everyone to create their own maps, scenarios, characters, items, creatures, weapons and more... OOP architecture allows easy integration and user-developed contents and also helps ...

Tlavaus : The last Chance  v.1.0

Delphi based game using the DelphiX DirectX libraries patched with UndelphiX. Planned to be a Massively Multiplayer Online Rpg with many news features like world interactivity and more role playing world instead of a pk world.

WoWLinuxTools  v.1.0

WoWLinuxTools are a set of tools for playing World of Warcraft on Linux. Main Project is WoWLinuxSettings which allows you to edit your Graphic/Sound Options for WoW (which is currently not possible in Wine)

Monopolies  v.1.0

A project to create a game that uses the power of the Internet, allowing multiple players from all over the world to play an old-fashioned game of Monopoly. This is the SERVER, the client protocol will be published soon.

City 17: Episode 1  v.1.0

A Mod spanning in all of the Half Life world. You play as a Rebel named Jack with help of a friend throughout the game.

How Do I Play Guitar  v.1.0

How Do I Play Guitar Program for windows operating system. Get the How Do I Play Guitar help you need. get answers to all your questions with this easy to access

Play Games Win Prizes  v.8.4

Thousands of prizes in one Play Games Win Prizes Toolbar (I Won). Play free online games, puzzle games, word and casino games and win big cash and other prizes. $1,000,000 sweepstakes, several millionaires became rich playing our games.

Guitar chord Game  v.2.00

Guitar open chord game, remember your chord names with this three level game.

Backgammon Lite  v.6.4

Backgammon Lite offers online backgammon where you can compete with other players from all over the world. The games feature advanced 3D graphics and crisp sounds. You can play using "fun money" or you can play using real money.

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